Day of languages

Day of Languages

On 27 September, 2013 in our bilingual kindergarten „SOWA” we celebrated the Day of Languages.

In order to get to know the partnership countries, our preschoolers listened to the national anthems of Spain, Latvia and Italy. After the common singing the foreign greetings: „Buenos dias!”, „Ubiden!” and „Ciao!” were exchanged.

Thanks to the interesting and colourful presentations prepared by the teachers, our children were introduced to the traditions, the history and some characteristic places and famous people. The classes helped with remembering the basic information about the partnership countries and their citizens.

The next didactic play „Point to the flag” helped with learning the national symbols of our partners. Thanks to the play „I know (where is)” our magic wall with the map helped with remembering the geographical information concerning the location of the countries. Then, the children painted the flags of our partnership countries which were taken later on a march organized in order to encourage people in the neighbourhood to join us and to celebrate the Day of Languages.

A little bit tired but happy we went to our own cinema to watch the Polish tale „Bolek and Lolek in Spain” and the Latvian tale “ Kripsitis un rrr”.


Głównym celem projektu było kreowanie partnerstwa pomiędzy europejskimi przedszkolami (przedszkolakami i nauczycielami) oraz promowanie wartości takich jak tolerancja i szacunek dla różnorodności kulturowej i językowej.